Basic InformationEdit

  • Age determines how old the player character is. This directly affects the character's height; the younger the character the smaller they appear and the older the character the taller they appear.
  • When creating a character, the player is allowed to choose an age between 10 and 17.
    • Players may not rebirth to an age that exceeds their current age.
  • Character's age will increase by 1 every Samhain (Saturday) at 12:00pm PST.
    • The player must log-in, change channels, or re-log in order for the age up to occur.
    • After an age up, the player gains stats. See here for the stats given on age up.
      • Players will stop gaining stats after age 25.
        • In the case of pets, they will stop receiving stats after age 11.
    • The player's height will stop increasing after reaching age 17.
      • In the case of pets, their maximum size is age 5. After age 5, their paws/hind legs will gradually decrease in size.
    • Pet's Companion Bonus will decrease per age up until age 11.
    • Partners will never age.
  • After reaching 25 years of age, the character's age will be shown as "# past 25".
  • After reaching age +25, the player will no longer receive any stats or AP for increasing age, nor will the game indicate that their age has increased.
  • Reaching age 18 rewards "the Adult" title. Reaching age 30 rewards "the All-Knowing". Reaching age 40 rewards "the Old".
  • Characters can age indefinitely