The Tir Chonaill Windmill is crucial to the daily life of the town, drawing water from the Adellia stream. Shockingly, the sole operator of the windmill is Alissa, a girl barely 10 years of age. It's easy to overlook her darling voice and bright wholesome eyes, but she is extremely tough and has been paying for her older sister's school tuition by working at the windmill. As with any little girl, she has a soft spot for animals and is loved dearly by the entire town.

Alissa's primary job is to use mill to grind wheat and barley into flour. Very prideful of the fact that people eat bread and cookies made from the flour she produces, she cannot wait for Caitin to teach her how to bake and hopes to become a famous baker. She can also be heard joyously singing along to the rhythm of the mill at times. Don't hesitate to pay Alissa a visit, as her youth and vivaciousness will surely brighten your day...