Main InformationEdit

Brown bears are monsters usually found off the path leading to Dunbarton. They are of a mediocre strength, and slaying one can award many different titles, depending on the circumstances. They are obviously brown-colored and ferocious, as they are bears. They are much larger than a character at age ten. (As for the weaker characters, this will be a difficult target to kill.)


Combat with a bear is very strong, and should not be induced until at least level 20. Here are some tactics to defeat it at that level, and below.

Smash! Boom! Bang!Edit

When you are fighting a brown bear, or any bear for that matter, using the ability Smash will help. Bears also use Smash, so you should watch out in case it the bear uses it.

Nao Really does HelpEdit

If you get the Nao's Service free trial from the Premium Shop for zero NX, you can get revived by Nao for free, and it doesn't cost you any Experience Points! You get all of your Health Points back, which lets you engage in combat after being defeated without even having to use the Rest skill!

The Quick Way to the TopEdit

The title the Bear Slayer with Bare Hands is actually very easy to obtain. Although this may be a bit of a cheat, it helps alot of we newbies. When fighting the bear, use your weapon to weaken it, using Smash, Icebolt or whatever skill you would like. When you think you can defeat it bare-handed, take off your weapon and use smash with your bare hands. Tada! You have a shiny new title.