Those somewhat familiar with Bangor have undoubtedly noted the conspicuous absence of a church. The old Bangor church burned down in a great fire and has yet to be replaced. Comgan was appointed to be the priest of Bangor, but his youth have made residents hesitant to follow a spiritual leader who many feel has not lived long enough to gain extensive spiritual wisdom.

Those close to Comgan know that he has impacted this region through his deep sincere faith that stems from his childhood. He voluntarily came to Comgan, a place where no one else wanted to go, and his admirable will to serve knows no bounds.

Comgan's burden is to build a church in Bangor. Not known as a spiritual community, Comgan faces an uphill battle. Everybody seems to be secretly watching if Comgan can complete his goal...even the far-off Vatican in Emain Macha.