Real name Dily
Skill Healer

Injured and HP-depleted adventurers should make sure to stop by the healer's house and see Dilys. Very mature with a slightly husky voice, she is the town's resident doctor and healer. Born and raised in Tir Chonaill, Dilys studied abroad at a university in Emain Macha to learn her profession. Returning to her hometown, she has since become an experienced caretaker of the wounded and sick. Although she left the city, Dilys still has some city life left in her with her obsession of trendy and elegant fashion. Dilys and Lassar, the magic teacher, are said to be good friends and have known each other a long time. Although Dilys is very beautiful, she seems burdened by her attractive appearance as her deep-rooted distrust towards men clearly shows in her disposition.