This article is based on overall player opinions, and thus may not express the views of everyone. Actual difficulty of dungeons may differ depending on experience and skills.

Briefing Edit

  • Each Dungeon has differing levels of difficulty, money gain, and lag.
    • Typically, the order of difficulty for a specific dungeon is Beginner (if available), Normal, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Boss.
  • Normal dungeons are accessed by dropping any random item on the altar.
    • If the same item [e.g. Gold] is dropped by a second player wanting to enter the dungeon, they will enter the same dungeon as any previous players still inside.
    • The amount of the item that is dropped is irrelevant.
  • Passes are required for Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Boss difficulties.
    • Certain passes may limit the number of people that may enter.
    • To obtain complete list of passes, consult the Dungeon Passes page for more information.

Note: All the following tables are sortable.

Uladh Dungeons Edit

  • Alby - Beginner Dungeon. Located directly north of Tir Chonaill, this dungeon is fairly simple at its lower difficulties. Even so, there is a large discrepancy between the difficulty of its lower dungeons and its higher dungeons. Fairly useless for more skilled players.
  • Ciar - The "staple" dungeon. Located southeast of Tir Chonaill, this dungeon is known for its low risk/high reward ratio, making it popular for gaining money and small, easy amounts of experience.
  • Rabbie - Located slightly northwest of Dunbarton, this dungeon comes to replace Ciar for higher level players. With its large Skeleton population, it becomes the favorite of Fomor Farmers.
  • Math - Located to the northeast of Dunbarton, this dungeon is fairly unpopular. While there are a couple mainstream dungeons in Math, for the most part, it is not used commonly for regular dungeoning, considering it is low reward with medium risk.
  • Fiodh - Located in the northwestern part Gairech Hill, this dungeon is known for its different layout. While most of the other dungeons feel enclosed (underground, in a castle dungeon), Fiodh is like a maze made by trees and other greenery. Yet these features make the dungeon fairly irritating because the extra scenery adds obstructions in view while fighting, and also a noticeable amount of lag. Yet the dungeon is medium-low risk with high reward. Contains Gorgons.
  • Barri - Located in the town of Bangor, Barri dungeon is an important dungeon in mainstream quests, as well as the location of the spirit dungeon (where spirit stones for Ego weapons are found). At its normal level, the dungeon is considered high risk, low reward, due to its Ogre Warrior boss. The dungeon is fairly simple. Its higher difficulty levels are popular with more skilled players. Very important as well, due to its role as the only location in all of Uladh continent with ore deposits.
  • Coill - Located far northwest of Emain Macha, Coill dungeon is VERY similar in appearance to Fiodh. It has, however, sprites. Coill is, like Fiodh, a natural greenery dungeon. Although it is a medium risk dungeon, the money rewards at the end are fairly ample. This dungeon hosts the Paladin passive defense dungeon.
  • Rundal - Located east of Emain Macha, the Rundal dungeon is fairly popular with higher level characters. Even at its normal level, the dungeon is low risk/high reward. Yet this is no longer the case with its higher level dungeons, which become a threat to even skilled party groups. Contains Siren Dungeon.
  • Peaca - Located in the northwestern part of Sen Mag, the Peaca dungeon is the hardest and longest dungeon. Monsters have advance skills and very high stats. High Defense and Protection monsters renders most everyone's damage into single or double digits. Multiple parties are recommended.
  • Ciar Pet Dungeon - The only dungeon for pets, which is available from 4/6/11-4/16/11. As this is the only dungeon for pets, this is the bast area to train as of no weak mob bonuses, or camping bonuses. Located at the same place as ciar for humans, you need to talk to the weird cat to get the pass to do the dungeon.

Uladh Dungeon Table Edit

Note: The ratings given are approximations and serve only as a guideline. The dungeon's difficulty and feasibility ultimately depends on the player's skills/experience, character skill ranks/stats and connection quality.

  • Pass = Easiest place to hunt for a pass, it is assumed that one is trying to find the pass ASAP
  • Difficulty = on a 1 - 10 range, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest.
  • Skills With Advantage = Some skills have an advantage in certain dungeons, ie. Melee, Magic, or Range
  • Experience = Determined by the total Experience gained upon exiting the dungeon
  • Money = Determined by how profitable an AVERAGE run is. Huge Lucky's are not accounted for; however Medium-rare drops are, as well as fomor.
Name Pass Difficulty (Solo) Difficulty (Group) Skills With Advantage Exp Gold Lag Notes
Alby Beginner Trefor 1 1 Any 1 1 Low Beginner quest dungeon. Very easy, low reward.
Alby Normal Item 1 1 Any 1 1 Low Same as beginner, but with Giant Spider and Red Spiders as boss and possible Alby passes as end-rewards. Always has one enchant in one end chest as a reward regardless of party size.
Alby Basic White Spider 3 2 Any 4 4 Low Relatively simple dungeon, similar enemies to Intermediate level but without multiaggro. However, watch for mixed spawns as enemies of different types can and will aggro together.
Alby Intermediate Alby Beginner/Normal End Chest 6 5 Magic and Melee 6 5 Low Large multiaggro dungeon. Larger groups recommended for ease. More difficult to solo if you don't have mob control techniques (ie. WM, Lightning bolt).
Alby Advanced Alby End Chests (any difficulty) 10 9 Any 6 7 Low This dungeon features many enemies with very high HP and protection, however most are single aggro and only a few have any sort of passive defense. Poisonous spiders found here are extremely dangerous.
Ciar Beginner Ranald 3 2 Range and Melee 4 3 Low The boss Golem's Mana Reflector makes it more difficult for pure mages to solo, otherwise this dungeon is very easy and done in a beginner quest for Ranald. It's cheaper to run this dungeon using melee and is useful for collecting potions.
Ciar Normal Item 5 4 Range and Magic 3 3 Low Harder than Ciar Basic due to the multiaggro archers. The dungeon itself is easier for Mages than the boss, the reverse is true for Melee-types.
Ciar Basic Sickle Laghodessas, Ciar Beginner End Chest 4 3 Range and Melee 4 6 Low The boss Golem's Mana Reflector makes it more difficult for pure mages. Relatively low-damage monsters allow beginners to hone their ability to use skills such as Defense and Counterattack properly. This and Rabbie Normal are recommended transition dungeons for beginners to move up from Ciar Beginner. Use Party Quests to gain more money.
Ciar Intermediate Ciar Beginner/Normal End Chest or their monster drops 5 4 Range and Melee 5 7 Low Very similar to Basic. This dungeon has the same monsters as Basic, only they're multiaggro. However since the monster's HP has been lowered and their attack power raised, makes it makes a good place to learn how to deal with multiaggro situations.
Ciar Advanced Ciar Beginner/Normal End Chest 9 8 Magic and Melee 10 8 Low A very popular dungeon due to large amount of EXP and rewards. The combination of fast mobs that multiaggro with a wide detection range makes this more difficult for Archers. Mages are recommended to have a high rank Lightning bolt, Ice Bolt and/or Advanced Magic.
Ciar Boss All Ciar End Chests 10 N/A Melee and Range None 5 Low Since there is no prep time (the bosses spawn right after another) and multiaggro, Advanced Magic is difficult to cast.
Rabbie Normal Item 4 3 Melee and Range 6 8 Low Because all monsters are single-aggro, this is a recommended transition dungeon for beginners to move up from Ciar Beginner and Ciar Basic. While money rewards from monsters and end of dungeon chests aren't that high, rare drops from the Succubus may sell for quite a bit. It's a good place to learn basic combat as most skeletons have only Smash, Defense, and Counterattack, and they rarely use Archery. Somewhat inconvenient for Mages due to the elemental attributes of the skeletons as well as the Mana Reflector possessed by the Succubus. Nice MP 30 drops however.
Rabbie Basic Skeletons, Rabbie Normal End Chest 6 5 Melee 6 10 Low Very high fomor scroll drop rate. The gold drops from the Armored Skeletons are increased from their Nomal counterpart. For example, Metal Skeletons will give around 500 gold per drop. The Spike Laghodessas and Red Armored Skeletons also drop Teeth-patterned Ankle Boots, fetching 4000 gold when sold to an NPC. The Red Succubus also has rare drops that can be sold to other players. (Although the prize for soloing will always be Falcon/Embroidered Healer's Suit, you also have a rare chance of getting the coveted Red Crossbow)
Rabbie Advanced Full Armor Skeletons, Rabbie Normal End Chest 10 10 Magic and Melee/Ranged hybrids 7 8 Low Not recommended for pure archers due to Natural Shield. Bomb squads are most easily dispatched by mages. However, Magnum Shot is helpful in destroying Bomb squads without being in range of their explosions. Skeleton Laghodessas most easily handled by windmillers.
Math Normal Item 5 4 Any 4 6 Low Money is gained from selling the drops and rewards; Wind/Kobold are prized by archers and the common, fine, and finest leathers are all prized by crafters. Used for a boss monster quest (Hellhound). Single floor dungeon, very long.
Math Advanced Kobolds 8 7 Any 7 7 Low Easiest of the Advanced Dungeons, chance to get Expensive Looking enchant from end chest.
Fiodh Normal Item 6 5 Any 7 5 Medium Greenery becomes an obstruction. Need to run this for G1 quest. Decent exp, frequently run for Fiodh Int passes.
Fiodh Intermediate Fiodh Normal End Chest, Sickle Laghodessas (Int 1) 7 6 Melee and Magic 6 7 Medium Similar to Alby Intermediate, slightly higher difficulty due to length, scenery lag and Argos being found in the larger group passes. Large potential rewards due to Arrow Revolver pages 9/10, and Fireball page 10 being found here
Barri Normal Item 8 5 Magic and Archery 4 5 Low Similar spawns to Ciar Normal, with the addition of Imps - annoying enemies with Lightning Bolt and occasional multiaggro. The Ogre Warrior platoon that is this dungeon's boss is regarded as one of the most difficult of all dungeons. However, they're susceptible to ranged attacks, particularly Arrow Revolver. Firebolt also works well in place of a bow.
Barri Basic Barri Normal End Chest 6 5 Any 6 7 Low Gremlins are easy so long as you don't corner/wall them. Gorgons can be considered a threat if taken solo for the fairly unexperienced player. Chance for a Raven enchant at end-chest, which is highly sought after. Also monsters in the dungeon drop pages to Fireball and Arrow Revolver.
Barri Advanced Barri Normal End Chest 9 8 Any 8 7 Low Fairly diverse in terms of monsters. The boss is fairly complicated, please see the Gremlins page for more information.
Coill Normal Item 8 7 Magic 7 6 Medium Tree lag similar to Fiodh. Because of the Passive Defense and Natural Shield of the sprites, Magic users have an advantage here.
Rundal Normal Item 6 5 Any 7 8 Low Money dropped from monsters and the end chest are both good, and supplemented by the Cyclops drops and the possible Stiff Tail Cap that may drop from the end chest. The Suspicious passes may be sold for profit as well.
Rundal Basic Rundal Normal End Chest, Pirate Skeletons 7 6 Any 8 8 Low Difficulty as compared to Rundal Normal due more to monster HP, there's somewhat less multiaggro.
Rundal Advanced Rundal Normal End Chest, Hook Pirate Skeletons 10 8 Magic 8 9 Low Hardest of the Advanced Dungeons due to Black Ship Rats and the Small Argos. Some of the monsters in the dungeon drop the popular (but rare) Admiral's Coat. Aid of a high ranked Lighningbolt or Advanced Magic is highly advised.
Rundal Siren Dungeon Give a Suspicious Pass to Aer 8 N/A 8 9 Low Medium Difficulty is due to Black Ship Rats. The dungeon has 5 floors, each shorter than the last. If you can land a critical smash (and only a critical smash) on the Siren, it will drop its mask (very popular and highly expensive), as well as lose many of its skills.
Rundal Boss All Rundal End Chest 8 N/A Melee and Range None 8 Low Rather difficult due to the Black Ship Rats. Hard to set up Advanced magic due to spawn patterns.
Peaca Normal Item 12^ 11* All 8 8 Medium-High Very high EXP/gold rewards, however the extreme difficulty is usually not worth the effort. High rank melee, range, AND magic skills are almost a necessity as many monsters have immunity to one or more types of attack. High defense and protection means damage is reduced by significant amounts, and critical hits are very difficult to make. Players commonly hold Peaca "raids" with large amounts of people; this reduces the difficulty somewhat but also creates a large amount of lag. Soloing this dungeon in any form would be suicidal, if not impossible.
Peaca Basic Peaca Normal Drop & End Chest, Skeletons 12* 11* All 8 8 Medium Features most of the same enemies as Peaca Normal, most with more HP/power; however, individual spawns are smaller and floors are shorter, making this dungeon arguably easier than the Normal difficulty for a coordinated/powerful group.

^ You need 4 people to enter Peaca; if you want to solo it you would need 3 other people to drop you in.

* Peaca is on another order of magnitude of difficulty, so it is not included in the 1-10 scale.

Role Play Dungeons Edit

Name Location Pass Difficulty Skills With Advantage Exp Gold Lag Notes
Spider Dungeon Alby Talk to Deian about 'Private Story'with a red spider, white spider, and black spider fomor scroll in inv. 1 Melee None None Low You play as a Red Spider.
Tarlach Locket Dungeon Alby Stewart (During G1 quest) 2 Any None None Low The party leader plays as Tarlach and the other players plays as Mari and Ruairi.
Trefor RP Dungeon Alby While doing Deian's or Tracy's Part-time Job and talk to Trefor about 'Private Story' 2 Melee None None Low You play as Trefor.

Another World Edit

  • Albey - Albey is located where Alby is, only in Another World. This dungeon is part of the G1 quests.
  • Baol - Baol Dungeon is located where Barri is, only in the "Other World", which is assumed to be TNN. Baol Dungeon contains two dungeons: Baol Infiltration and Baol Final. This dungeon can be frustrating to even the most experienced players.

Another World Dungeon Table Edit

Name Pass Difficulty (Solo) Difficulty (Group) Skills With Advantage Exp Gold Lag Notes
Albey Normal Anything 53Any33Low Very pointless dungeon, with low exp and gold gain. Has Light Gargoyles at the boss room.
Albey Green Small Green Gem 7 6 Any 5 3 Low Green Albey contains Light Gargoyles in its normal rooms, which hit hard, have a tendency to pseudo-Multiaggro as well as possessing a tricky AI. The boss room also consists of Gargoyles, both Light and Heavy types. High risk, low reward dungeon.
Albey Blue Small Blue Gem 4 3 Any 4 3 Low Arguably the easiest version of Albey. This dungeon contains mainly bats, spiders, ratmen and Skeletons. Be aware of the three multi-aggroing Lycanthrope boss. Low risk, low reward dungeon.
Albey Red Small Red Gem 6 5 Any 8 9 Low Arguably one of the best dungeons for steady flowing cash. The Light armor Skeletons in this dungeon frequently drop Fomor scrolls. The experience gain here is very good as well. Very popular alternative to Rabbie Basic.
Albey Silver Small Silver Gem 7 6 Any 8 5 Low This dungeon contains Werewolves, which give a chunk of exp when defeated. However, aside from Werewolves, this dungeon has nothing else to offer.
Baol Infiltration Acquired from G3 quest 9 N/A Melee and Range None None Medium All Magic except Healing is disabled for this dungeon. This dungeon is not about fighting. Baol Infiltration is described as the "surviving" dungeon. This dungeon is about sneaking through the dungeon without being noticed. Many of the most skilled warriors will find their skills useless here. The dungeon is the easiest for archers, OK for melee characters, and horribly difficult for mages. Never speak out loud in this dungeon. For more information, please see the Generation 3 guide.
Baol Final Aquired from G3 quest 11 10 Any 8 8 Low Baol Final is the last dungeon of the G3 quests. Considered to be possibly one of the hardest dungeons in Mabinogi, Baol spawns only the most difficult monsters around. Five floors long, this dungeon's main attraction (or purpose) is Cromm Cruaich, an ancient dragon. Incredibly hard.

Iria Edit

  • Longa Desert Ruins - Longa Desert is the equivalent to Alby for elves. It changes location every year [week in real-life], then has to be found via exploration again. Upon discovering it, you receive a title.
  • Par Ruins - Par Ruins is the equivalent to Alby for giants. It is north-east of Vales. It features Bandersnatches, which have the Fast Regeneration ability, similar to the final boss of G1. Stomp, Smash, Firebolt, Magnum Shot or any other such skill, or injuries, are the only way to defeat them. Magic is the best way to beat them
  • Karu Forest - This dungeon isn't very easy. Elves and Giants need to sketch a Stone Horse Keeper to be a Falcon Elf/Savage Beast.
  • Maiz Prairie - Often described as a good dungeon for archers, contains skeleton ghosts which are very aggressive and are multi-aggro. It contains the second dungeon needed to get Final Hit.

Iria Dungeon Table Edit

Name Pass Difficulty (Solo) Difficulty (Group) Skills With Advantage Exp Gold Lag Notes
Longa Normal Item 2 1 All 5 3 Low Essentially the Alby for Elves
Longa Topaz Ruins Guardian 5 5 Range 5 5 Low The boss is a topaz golem, which is immune to everything except Topaz Arrows, which are dropped by the Ruins Guardian.
Longa Emerald Ruins Guardian 5 5 Range 5 5 Low The boss is an emerald golem, which is immune to everything except Emerald Arrows, which are dropped by the Ruins Guardian.
Longa Amethyst Ruins Guardian 5 5 Range 5 5 Low The boss is an amethyst golem, which is immune to everything except Amethyst Arrows, which are dropped by the Ruins Guardian.
Longa Mysterious Ruins Guardian 10 9 Range and Melee 7 7 Low The Gargoyles are very difficult and the difficulty is compounded by rooms where monsters rest.
Longa Enchanting Granites 9 8 All 7 7 Low Many of the monsters in Maiz or Karu are found here, and this dungeon is very difficult. The boss is 3 Ruins Guardians with extra health and Level 3 of all Passive Defense. Successful clearing of this dungeon gives the party leader the Final Shot skill.
Par Ruins Normal Item 2 1 All 4 3 Low Essentially the Alby for Giants
Par Ruins Snow Crystal Par Normal End Chest 8 7 Melee 8 8 Low Bandersnatches in this dungeon run instead of walk and have more hp then the ones in Par Normal, since they're essentially running zombies, they're very difficult for archers and mages.
Karu Forest Dungeon (Normal) Item 8 7 Melee 7 7 High Melee fighters have the advantage in finishing this dungeon because on the 4th floor there are a locked room or two with zombies. Quartz enchant sells for a nice amount.
Karu Forest Dungeon Spider Parts Titled Pot-Belly Spider 6 6 All 5 5 High Beware of the multiaggro.
Karu Forest Shining Spider Dungeon Hot Spring Monkeys 8 7 All 9 10 High Beware of the multiaggro, Skeleton Ghosts, and Gold Mask Ghosts. Chance of Explorer's Journal 3 and Diamond Enchant from Boss and Endchest, respectively.
Karu Forest Shining Hound Dungeon Hot Spring Monkeys 9 7 All 9 10 High Beware of the multiaggro, Skeleton Ghosts, and Gold Mask Ghosts. Chance of Explorer's Journal 3 and Diamond Enchant from Boss and Endchest, respectively.
Karu Forest Shining Bison Dungeon Hot Spring Monkeys 10 8 All 9 10 High Beware of the multiaggro Bison, Skeleton Ghosts, and Gold Mask Ghosts. Chance of Explorer's Journal 3 and Diamond Enchant from Boss and Endchest, respectively.
Karu Forest Shining Imp Dungeon Hot Spring Monkeys  ?  ? All 9 10 High Beware of the multiaggro, Skeleton Ghosts, and Gold Mask Ghosts. Chance of Explorer's Journal 3 and Diamond Enchant from Boss and Endchest, respectively.
Maiz Dungeon Item 9 8 Range and Magic 7 7 High Somewhat difficult dungeon for Melee players to get used to as the monster's AI include a form of 'auto-counter'. However once the monster's attack/defense patterns are understood there's nothing preventing melee from being as strong as range or magic.

Best Money Making Dungeons Edit

  • The best dungeons for increasing your funds are Par, Albey (red gem), Coill, Fiodh, Rabbie, Rundal, and Ciar. Not necessarily in that order. Their difficulties are not taken into consideration, simply their money return.

Best Dungeons for Experience (Solo) Edit

  • The best dungeons for experience while fighting solo are Rundal, Rabbie, and Ciar. The difficulty of the dungeon is taken into consideration as well as the experience gain as a result.

Best Dungeons for Experience (Group) Edit

  • The best dungeons for experience while fighting in a group are higher Ciar difficulties, Fiodh, Coill, and Peaca (if you can do it without dying a lot). The difficulty of the dungeon is taken into consideration as well as the experience gained as a result. The splitting of experience is also taken into consideration.