Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Main InformationEdit

A Grocery Store is a store that sells food. It carries a fine selection of premium cuisines at the lowest prices. In Tir Chonaill, Caitin owns the Grocery Store. Most people first encounter a Grocery Store there. She offers Part-time jobs at 12:00 PM game time. These Part-time jobs often ask you to catch a fish, deliver a loaf of bread, or gather some wheat or barley and use the Windmill to turn it into wheat flour or barley flour.


Each Grocery Store has some interesting features. They are listed below.

Food SalesEdit

Grocery Stores sell something no other shop does: food! Food recharges your stamina and increases the maximum stamina you are able to have. From the common bread to gourmet salmon dishes, Grocery Stores have everything for your food needs!

Friendly ShopkeepersEdit

The chubby yet adorable Caitin is the major example of this. She seems to always worry about not having enough customers, or about having a bad dream, she always seems to be happy.

That Nice Smell of CookingEdit

Inside or outside, the smell of what's cooking inside always smells delicious! The scent of pork chops will wake you up and get you ready to adventure. The scent of bread is refreshing, and urges you to have a rest. No matter what, it always smells good outside a Grocery Store!