Me Icebolt1

Before being excecuted, this is what the Icebolt attack looks like.

Ice bolt is a spell that is usally used by beginner magicians in mabinogi. It literally uses mana to absorb the moisture in the air that is around, forming them into small ice shards that float around the user. The user can then launch these five times consecutively at an opponent with impressive speed. These Ice shards can be layered up to five times. Giving the user more of an effective attack.

Ice bolt is not thought as one of the more higher end spells, and is titled more as "Practical" than powerful compared to the other spells given. It is a good starter spell, and delivers its blows quickly and usually effectively, giving the user more time to plan out thier next attack with a counter. However, its usually best to layer it before a battle begins, for it takes quite an amount of time to form the ice shards, and it is usally a bad idea to form them during a fight, for it leaves the character vunerable for a long time.

How to get itEdit

You can take classes at the school to get icebolt but it cost 4,000gold and you won't learn icebolt right away. You have to listen to a lecture from the teacher, wait one mabi-day then come back and take the class again(already paid for). The teacher gives an exam then you have to come back in yet another mabi-day. And, on that third day, you actually get to learn icebolt but you must complete another exam.

Another cost-free way of learning icebolt is to complete the quest "Hunt 5 black dire wolfs" which comes after a long line of "hunt this color wolf quest". It is a bit more time consuming and quite hard to do at a low level but might be worth it if you don't feel like spending 4000gold.

Learning Rank E Rank D Rank C Rank B Rank A
AP cost 3 3 3 3 3 3