The strikingly beautiful Kristell is the priestess working at the Dunbarton church. Educated and ordained at the school in Emain Macha, she was soon sent to Dunbarton to tend the spiritual needs of the city. Her mesmerizing beauty can be instantly identified even from far away, and many joke that Dunbarton chose its priestess based on appearance.

Amazingly enough, Kristell's heart and faith outshine her beauty, and the townspeople through respect and admiration consider her a saint. Before deciding to become a priestess, she studied to become a Druid, but quickly changed her mind after experiencing the joy of serving at church. Because of her Druid studies, she has rare knowledge of advanced Druid magic, and will have intellectual discussions regarding magic to Steward, the magic teacher. Aeira, the bookstore owner, seems to be a little bothered by this...

As you progress through the main storyline of the Generation 1 Quests, you learn that Kristell is really a Succubus who betrayed the Fomors out of her love for the druid apprentice, Tarlach. As a result of this betrayal, she was forced to reside with the humans of Dunbarton.