On the hillside of Gairech lies an enormous dragon statue that seems have been constructed many years ago. Excavating the site without damaging the statue is extremely difficult, and the one directing the project is a man named Seumas, Bangor's expert miner. He is also Sion's father and often says he wants to go see his son. Some might be wondering how good Seumas is, to be undertaking such a massive project himself, but it wasn't always like that. He originally started the project with Kobolds. Seumas is one of the rare people who is able to converse with Kobolds. They are experienced excavators, so Seumas was hired to lead them. However, the Kobolds living inside Barri dungeon somehow convinced the ones working with him to all ran away, leaving Seumas alone…

Still, with a constant smile and a good attitude, Seumas is still faithfully excavating the dragon till this day…it's no wonder Sion is such a cheerful boy.