Hope you like the following guide which selected from the other website by me, but it's not my work, Thepowerlevel just give it a summary. It is a continuation of the last article on 12sky.

If the boss is still 75% and the tanker has died, you can take ownership on 2 conditions: You did not intentionally cause damage on the player(12sky gold). we personally would like to add Type-kills onto that part - refer to rule 1/2. There is noone else taking that boss. After 75% the boss is no longer FFA and is "owned" by the tanker.

No player will ever run into the boss' AoE with a 100% pet unless authorised by the tanker/s or a person acting on their behalf while the boss is at a low % HP or even before the drops are collected. This includes those who lay dead - an item may glitch into the players(twelvesky gold) inventory upon respawning.

7. Do not ever run into the location of the drops after a boss has been killed - this is concidered a hostile act to obtain drops which rightfully belong to the tanker/s. Take screenies as the boss drops HP like at 5/10% intevals to show that this indeed is/was your boss should the need arise

If there are 2 or more players of different factions taking a boss, don't PK them unless the player of your faction asks you to. As those players may be in a Ventrillo/Team Speak server and communicating together.

If you cannot find this out, go to a community map and ask a member of that faction to PM the player to ask them stop or to pass a message. This may not be efficient or easy to do, but its fair and has justification.

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