A middle-aged man with a dark complexion and average height, Walter is wearing suspenders and stroking his stubby fingers. Under his dark-brown eyes, his tightly sealed lips are covered by a thick mustache. You can see his mustache and his Adam's apple slightly move as if he is about to say something.

Walter is the general shop owner of Dunbarton. His clothes are plain, and his expression stern, as if he is dissatisfied with those around him. In any case, he does not appear to be very content with his job.

Walter worked as a carpenter decades back, cutting and carving products out of wood. The young Walter was exceptional in his work, and it was a common sight for townspeople to ask him to fix household furniture for them. His emotionless face likely originates from the mundane, repetitive work.

Ever since the logging camp moved north into Dugald Aisle, he quit his job and started a new business. Despite his attitude, Walter is nonetheless greatly caring towards his daughter, Aeira.