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Young Brown Fox
Race Unknown
Gender Unknown

Main InformationEdit

The Young Brown Fox is the one of the weakest monsters in the entire world of Mabinogi. It is found near the Healer's House in Tir Chonaill. It is also the target of many weaker or lower leveled players to attack. Although it's nice to have an Anti-Fox service on every server (getting rid of excess foxes), sometimes it gets annoying to some players.


Combat with the Young Brown Fox is very simple, as it is very weak and provides little resistance. You can use the ability Smash to inflict major damage on it. If you are higher than level 5, then this should be a very easy fight without the need for a potion or lengthy recuperation. To those in the low-level range, the Young Brown Fox is not a challenge, but you should make sure you don't get attacked by the larger Brown Foxes that could possibly be nearby.